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Think outside the box....

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

In my opinion every room should have a mix of old and new furnishings and should contain something unexpected. This is one of my favorite rooms. The homeowners were amazing to work with because they were able to think outside the box. They are a young family and they wanted their house to reflect who they are and they wanted it to be fun! It also helps that the wife has an amazing eye and was willing to take design risks. I think we not only achieved their goal of giving them the "fun" that they were seeking, but we also made the home sophisticated.

There are many elements in the room that I think are special. Let's start with the obvious, the ceiling! The homeowners wanted aubergine in their dining room that was our starting point. I first looked for something in aubergine that inspired me. I found this wallpaper, a chevron grasscloth with aubergine, green and neutrals, and was hooked. I remember the night I pitched the room design to them, it took less than a minute and the response was "YES!"

Putting the wallpaper on the ceiling is a bit unexpected, and has become a new trend in design, designers calling it, the fifth wall. With a bold choice on the ceiling I thought the rest of the room should be neutral. However, to tie the room together and bring some color into the space we reupholstered these stunning vintage dining chairs in a croc stamped velvet to match. The dining room chairs were the element in the room that brought antiquity into the space. I believe that all spaces should contain a mix of old and new furniture, it creates interest and makes it unique.

My client had seen an image of a dining room with TWO chandeliers, which was our inspiration for the next striking element in this room. We feel in love with the chandelier you see. Seeing not one but two chandeliers adds scale and drama to the room. Who wouldn't want to see two of these!

Think outside the box, add something old, something new, something unexpected to every room!

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